Recent works 2006 -

Around 2006 I moved my studio to Corneliano Bertario, where I rented the granary of an old mill, in a building that was several hundred years old. A small river, which formerly drove a millwheel, ran along two sides of the building. The space could only be used in summer. I had already begun to work with traditional painting methods, i.e. stretching unprepared canvas, priming with rabbit glue and gesso, and preparing my own paints. After some experiments I chose to work with a combination of casein, oil and resins which make it possible to combine flexibility with the extraordinary chromatic quality and matte finish of casein, which may be brittle when used alone. This makes it possible to achieve effects which cannot be obtained with prefabricated canvas and acrylics. At the same time I have chosen to work with several layers and more colours, rather than within a strict grid of two colours and one superimposed layer. The paintings have aquired depth and are more dynamic and organic.

I present an individual exhibition at Billing Bild in Zug, Switzerland in 2006, and participate in a double solo show at Villa Lagarina in 2007, documented by a catalogue presented by Valerio Deho'. In 2010 I paint a large black and white painting during the Bergamo Art fair, as a performance, completing the painting during the opening hours of the fair.